Temp mail

Gmail vs Temporary Mail: what to choose?

Email has become the daily panwe of everyday life for anyone who habitually attends the digital world, whether for business purposes or simply for entertainment. More than 247 billion emails are sent online every day, approximately one every 0.00000035 seconds. Only during the time used to read this sentence there was a recirculation of more than 20 million emails on the network . Online there is no rule that regulates the maximum number of email addresses that you can generate and for this reason it’s conveniente separate different addresses for precise and targeted purposes. A main mail, perhaps regarding the work or services that you are used to using, a secondary mail or better still temporary as a  “garbage” box where to receive advertising and to avoid clogging up the main account with spam messages. 

When to use Gmail

Gmail is the email service offered by the global giant Google. The platform is finding more and more success, linked to the fact that the account created can also be used for other services that the US company provides and also because it is recommended as the main email for the new Android smartphones. Without a doubt, today Gmail is one of the most complete email providers especially from the point of view of the ease of use for both desktop and mobile. Being linked to a lot of personal information and sensitive data of the user, the Gmail address finds greater use in the workplace or in any case for a communication with bodies and services considered authoritative online, and therefore more secure. All that series of sites from which it is convenient to receive constant notifications or updates. This is because, despite having high levels of security, once in the wrong hands it is able to provide the attackers with important data from which to draw information and an illegal profit.

When to use mail-temp

Here then come into play temporary emails, useful to register with sites or services considered unsafe or those that are used less frequently. This type of disposable postal address is the perfect solution to avoid inappropriate advertising messages while protecting your personal privacy. A container to collect spam and junk that in no way can be connected to the personal information of the person who created it. Because of this peculiarity, even in case of hacking you can sleep soundly considering the fact that many temporary emails’ addresses are eliminated after a set time that can vary from a few minutes to a few days, with the possibility to proceed independently to the destruction of the address. We certainly can not see them as principal mailboxes, since the emails could be subsequently lost, but they are very useful for services of little interest and on which you do not want to leave any trace.