Temp mail

Can I use a temporary email to sign up for Instagram?

If for any reason you need to create a fake account on Instagram, in terms of watching the stories anonymously or studying the behavior of a competitor, it is important to know that the procedure is in the meantime possible and also very simple. If you want to spy on any person who may have blocked the account that you are used to using, it may be useful to create a temporary fake account using a disposable email.But, before move on to the explanation of the process, however, it is important to highlight that fake accounts in addition to being prohibited by social media themselves can constitute a crime punishable by law if they are intended to steal user’s identity or deceive other people. So beware of how these fake accounts are used because they could lead to even very serious consequences.

Create a profile with temporary mail

Even in the case of Instagram, a temporary email can be very useful to create an account without making available the personal data of the address’ owner. An even safer way to remain incognito but as long as it is not used to harm other people or the image of a competitor brand. The procedure is quite simple and consists of:

  • go to the appropriate site and automatically generate the email that will be used in registration;
  • once generated by the site the fictitious address, you will just click on the appropriate button Copy to save the address that must be pasted in the app;
  • opening Instagram, you will have to exit your account if you are already logged in and go to the section that allows to create a new one, indicated by the words “Create a new account”;
  • by choosing to register via email you will have to enter the previously generated email and choose a new username and a new password;
  • once you have confirmed that you are over 18 years old, the process is practically over and your account will be ready for use.

It is important to remember that periodically Instagram, as well as Facebook, through internal algorithms scans all the accounts on the platform and in most cases blocks the suspicious ones, especially if associated with a temporary email. If then the account will be reported several times the deletion process may take a little less than a few minutes and all the work done would be in vain. In addition, after the first use Instagram requires identity verification that can only be circumvented by creating an additional disposable address to confirm the process.