maximum size temporary email
Temp mail

Maximum size of a temporary email

The essentiality of a disposable email is now not to be questioned given the continuous threats to which users are exposed while browsing the net. To use sites seemingly unreliable or to avoid receiving countless spam or unwanted mails, it is convenient to use a fictitious email that replaces the main one to protect personal privacy thanks to services designed specifically for the occasion. Online there are available a whole series of services that offer temporary emails and that provide different storage space before in any case self-destruct after a fixed time limit. Let’s see then how many GB are made available by each online provider of temp mail even if you must always remember that many sites for security reasons do not accept as valid these types of mail or block accounts directly once the process of creation.


Let’s take as a first example one of the most famous services for this particular type of email. Maildrop offers a clean aesthetic and a very intuitive service even if it automatically deletes all email attachments linked to the message. In addition, the total message size must be less than 500 KB and each box may contain a maximum of 10 messages that remain available only for 24 hours. 


This time we are talking about one of the longest available services for more than ten years. Despite initially proposing, for advertising, paid versions of the service, also provides a free plan that, however, in this case does not include the arrival of attachments or sending any kind of message. It does not have a fixed storage memory for emails that are instead deleted a few hours after their arrival, automatically by the service.


In its free plan, Mailsac offers public mailboxes and no access optimal to receive a content number of mails without providing any data. Emails received in public mailboxes remain available for four days and always with a free account, you can store 50 messages inside a mailbox. If you need instead to dial a large number of outgoing emails, store multiple messages or set up a private mailbox that no one else can use, you will have to pay an additional price for these benefits.