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5 trends of email marketing in 2022

The fame of email marketing as the best channel for communication and loyalty of online users does not seem to decrease also in this 2022. Despite the popularity of new social media, now widely exploited in terms of marketing, even in this era of strong digitalization, emails prove to be the best tool to connect business with the audience of the network. In addition to having a ROI ( Return of Investment) much higher than other channels in the industry of digital marketing and content marketing, the email message has a greater impact because it is more personal and direct, since it ends up in the mailbox and remains at the disposal of the reader. If you own a business, then it is useful to know what are the trends that will invest this sector, so you can make the most of its potential and get more and more results.

1- Personalisation

It has emerged in the last period, despite the problem related to cookies and personal privacy, that users prefer to receive messages or warnings that are as direct as possible. It will be up to the creator of the email campaign to carry out a work of targetization and segmentation even more meticulous, with the few data available, in order to create content that is as engaging and personalized as possible, perhaps by inserting interactive and design elements that are now customary to see on other platforms; just do not slow down the opening of the message. 

2- Laws about data’s privacy

We have already talked about the new regulations and regulations that since the beginning of the year have helped to make the work of data collection and management even more complicated for online marketers. If other channels could be greatly penalized by this new condition, email marketing will be able to adapt to change by providing effective and impactful campaigns and remaining at the top as it does for more than 40 years.

3- The contribution of AI

Thanks to the new discoveries in the digital field, in particular with regard to artificial intelligence, they have made available to email marketing experts a whole series of automated tools capable of writing the contents of emails, subject lines and calls-to-action in automatic. Thanks to these tools professionists will have a fundamental support to optimize and design content, with a saving of time and resources never seen until now. 

4- A new interactive concept

To be even more user-friendly and to try to adapt themself to new requests for interaction of the public, the emails will have to introduce a whole series of elements of interactivity within the message. Surveys, tests, games, forms, and other types of content with which recipients can interact within the email itself, so as to maximize engagement and guide the potential customer to action in as few steps as possible.  

5- Performance Marketing

The planning and launch of the campaign will have to follow a period of data analysis and evaluation that is based this time on parameters such as the click-through or click rates that are closely related to the valuable actions taken by email recipients.