5 reasons email service company

5 reasons to have and use an email service in your company

In 2022, it is now seen as mandatory the possession of a mailbox to facilitate communication with every actor who takes part in the business process, from the customer to the supplier. We also talk about one of the favorite channels for users to receive assistance and news about the brand, which now makes it essential to have a mailbox whatever the type or size of the activity. Actually it would be too brief to consider only these reasons and that’s why in this article we will propose 5 more reasons to use a mail service within the company. 

​​1) Show a professional image

Now not having a fast and efficient communication channel like an email box can only go to the detriment of the company. The email message makes direct and personal contact that actually happens remotely via the internet, simulating in the best possible way the face-to-face communication that we are used to having in person. Also the way of communicating, how the email is structured and the tone used are able to convey the image of the company both to colleagues and customers, who must be pushed to buy or at least to start a first contact with the brand.

2) A fast and practical channel

The convenience of using an email lies mainly in the fact that, unless very heavy errors or attachments, the sending and receiving of messages takes place in a very short time. A less direct exchange than chat or telephone support but that can be beneficial since it offers that time gap to be able to structure and organize the best response for the customer. Its simplicity makes it today a channel to own at any cost for any type of company, especially if you calculate the fact that still for most customers and managers email is the preferred means of communication for its convenience and the flexibility it offers.

3) An economic channel

It is often mistakenly thought that a large initial investment is required to create and manage a mailbox. In reality, especially if the company is small, it is not necessary to use providers with paid plans but it can be enough to simply use a classic Gmail account, maybe splitting thanks to aliases the different domains of the sector ( [email protected]; [email protected]; etc.).

4) Agile communication

Compared to phone calls or social messages, emails do not require the simultaneous presence of the two people but remain stored inside the box always available to the reader who has the right to choose when to read and respond. However, a reputable company must take this aspect seriously and try to respond to the customer as soon as possible, especially if it is a matter of complaints or requests for support. In short, we talk about a way to communicate that is not as invasive as advertising but that precisely for this peculiarity is preferred by online users.

5) Adaptable to different contexts

Whether it is a communication with a friend or with the relationship with a customer or supplier, the email has the ability to adapt to every need thanks to the ability to use and structure the message both formally and informally. If the communicative intent is to show as professional as possible, you will have to reread the text several times using a suitable tone and perhaps dividing it to facilitate reading, with an object that must be clear and direct to immediately communicate the intent of the message.