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What’s Google Workspace

Not long ago, Google launched the new Google Workspace project. The name could be misleading even if in reality it is the set of web services of software and productivity for cloud computing targati Google, always known as G Suite. The service is offered by Big G subscription and includes a whole list of web applications commonly used (including Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive etc.) that are inserted in Workspace with specific advantages designed specifically for companies. In fact, we offer personalized email addresses based on the domain, 30GB of minimum storage space for documents and emails to users, as well as 24-hour telephone and email support. With this new proposal, Google aims to clash on the market with the package offered by the other US giant, better known as Microsoft 365. It also seems to have succeeded quite well since already 5 million users and organizations around the world have activated Workspace in the company, including 60% of companies in the Fortune 500 ranking.

The apps available for the users

Compared to the apps we usually install on our smartphones, the solution in cloud computing offers a completely revolutionized approach. The service provides the hosting of customer information in Google’s secure data center network, or on traditional servers managed internally and physically in corporate locations. All focused on providing services that aim for faster and more efficient communication and collaboration even working from a distance. Among the main apps we find:

  • Gmail: the very famous mail service that provides 15 Gigabytes of free space, expandable thanks to a small supplement. In addition to being optimized for mobile, the service integrates seamlessly with Workspace, allowing you to receive notifications about events in Calendar and offering the ability to share documents and email spreadsheets using saved in Drive;
  • Google Meet: The video conferencing app has extended its functionality to fit the new service package. It allows shared management by multiple hosts of video calls, which can now accommodate up to 250 people simultaneously. Another distinguishing feature is the ability to connect to the telephone conference session by calling an Italian number with the prefix 02 and speaking directly from the smartphone.
  • Google Calendar: a real agenda on which to insert events related to people or organizations. The event creator will be able to decide who is allowed to see it, who is allowed to enter events, and who is allowed to administer it. Once an event is created, you can send the invitation to participate to other people via email or directly in the app, if downloaded by the recipient.
  • Google Drive: up to 15GB, storage is completely free with the possibility of extending it up to 10 Terabytes. In this case the cost is 49.99 euros per month, but there are obviously lower thresholds that start at 100 Gigabytes and cost 19.99 euros per year. 
  • Google Docs: With Workspace, you can, for example, edit a document at the same time as other members of the group, allowing you to view each user’s interventions in real time. Sharing can take place through Gmail and storage via Drive. Same speech you can do with Google spreadsheets Spreadsheets.
  • Google Modules: great for creating surveys and quizzes on user preferences, Modules has increased its functionality making it adaptable to every business need.