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What to do if the DNS server is not responding

Using the network, have you ever wondered what is the tool that has the task of translating the IP address of a site in the domain name and then allow the visualization of content? It is precisely the task of the DNS server, specially designed to translate a sequence of numbers, which make up the IP, and communicate with the browser so that the content of the different pages can be viewed by the end user. However, it can happen that this process of communication and translation is not successful: the final result appears in the form of a message that reports “the DNS server is not responding”. In the vast majority of cases the problem comes from the user himself, due to network malfunctions or an outdated browser, but in reality the causes related to this phenomenon are of different nature. We proceed as usual by exclusion, going to analyze what are the most common reasons related to this specific type of warning.

Problems related to the browser 

One of the first tests to be carried out may seem trivial at first glance but in reality it is an excellent strategy to get to the source of the problem. It consists in trying to open the site using a different browser such as Chrome or Mozilla, in order to check if the problem is related to a wrong configuration of the one used previously. The solution is often achieved by uninstalling and reinstalling the program. I recommend that we always rely on the official website of the browser to be sure that you have the official version, the most up-to-date and effective.

Problems related to the device

If even changing browsers the problem persists, it is useless to give up when maybe the solution could be simpler than expected. Let’s try changing devices, such as a mobile device or another PC. If you manage to reach the site, then the source of the problem is to be found in the device used previously. If you still have the same problem, we try to connect via ethernet cable instead of WiFi, to make sure that the problem does not depend on the wireless connection.

Configuring the network connection

If despite previous attempts, the problem continues to persist, it may be connected to an incorrect network connection configuration. In this case maybe we try to reboot the modem or router connected to the PC, disconnecting the power cable for 30 seconds and then reconnecting and restarting everything. As soon as they are realigned, check if the error “the DNS server is not responding” is still present. In case a further test will have to be carried out. Let’s analyze this time any firewall or antivirus to check if they are set too restrictive or are not coming into conflict with each other. To do this you will need to boot your PC into “Safe Network Mode” by pressing the F8 keyboard button immediately after rebooting the system. At this point you will see the boot settings screen where you will have to select “Enable Safe Mode with Network”. When the computer is ready, open the browser and navigate to the site that presented the problem.If you can now view it, the problem is related to reconfiguring the firewall or antivirus.