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How to send an email to multiple addresses without them seeing it

You might want to send an email to more than one person at some point. If you use the old method, called “Cc,” all the people you send the email to will be able to see who else you sent it to. It’s possible you won’t want it all the time. If you send the same job application to several potential employers simultaneously, you might not want them to know which other businesses you are applying to.


Another way is to send the same email to all your friends and acquaintances but let them know who is getting the email out of respect for their privacy.


If you send a fundraising email to everyone on your list of contacts and tell them who else got the email, you might not get as many donations as you would have otherwise. People might decide not to donate to your cause if they see the names of other people on the list who think they are wealthy and don’t need their money. 


No matter what you don’t want someone to know, there is a way to send an email to many people without those people being able to see who else in the chain you sent it to. In this email, I’ll tell you more about everything.


Please send emails to more than one person at a time without them knowing.

We assume that most of you are using Gmail, so that’s the first platform I’ll talk about. When you are writing an email in Gmail, the option to Bcc recipients is in the top right corner of the email. Once you choose “Bcc” from the menu, you can start adding people to your message. Please remember to use the Bcc field instead of the Cc field.


You can go about this in one of two ways.

The first option is to type in each person’s information by hand. You can put in more than one email address, but you must separate each with a comma and a space. If you have already sent messages to the recipients, you can also choose them from a drop-down list. You must pick people from the drop-down menu to add people to your Bcc list.


When you’re done adding people to your Bcc list, you can create your email and send it by clicking the blue “Send” button at the bottom of the email editor. So, that’s all there is to it!