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how to send a survey by using email

Improving customers’ feelings is a vital part of running a successful business. When a company improves the customer experience, the customer satisfaction rate increases, the company makes more money, and fewer customers leave. PwC studies show that 17 per cent of customers will stop doing business with a company after just one bad experience. And after a few bad experiences, 59 per cent will leave. The best way to ensure your customers are happy is to ask them for feedback. And surveys and email make it possible to get much of this feedback.


So here, we’ll talk about how to send surveys by email, what tools you’ll need, and the best ways to do things to make sure that people answer your surveys.


Find out what email subscribers want for segmenting.

If you want your email marketing to work, you need your subscribers to interact with the emails you send them. And one way to get your subscribers more involved is to learn what they like. Here’s where surveys can help.


Make sure customers are happy and stay loyal.

To please your customers, you need first to know what they want. With a survey, you can determine who your customers are and what they think about your products, services, and prices. This will help you figure out where your customers are happy with you and where you need to improve.


Use a text link in the email asking people to take the survey.

The easiest way to get people to take your survey is to link it to the email inviting them. The link will be the URL of your survey, and the text will be a call to action, like “Take our survey” or “Share your feedback.”


Emails made in HTML should have a CTA button.

You can use a CTA button in HTML emails to send people to your survey. It works a lot like making links in the text. But instead, you use a button in an email design that stands out to get people to click on your call-to-action.


Put the first poll question into your email.

With this method, the survey’s first question is put into the email itself. When the person answers the first survey question in the email, the rest of the survey will open in a new tab.


Design your email efficiently.

Your email survey invitation can work better or worse, depending on how it looks. When the reader opens the email, the excellent design draws their attention and makes them want to keep reading.


Tell people what’s in it for them.

Your email should tell people why they should care enough about the survey to fill it out. Tell us what the point of the survey is. For example, you might want to find out how to improve your customer’s experience through the survey.


Thank people ahead of time for filling out the survey.

Always thank the people who take the survey before they fill it out. Tell them you appreciate the time and work they put in. People like to know that they are liked. And if you thank them, they are more likely to do what you want them to do.