How to Count the Number of Words in an Email Message

Between 60 and 110 words is the best length for an email. Even though that seems short, studies have shown that emails of this length get the most customer responses on average. Your email is more likely to be successful if you focus on short messages and simple language. When composing an email, you must communicate your message concisely and understandably. Email is not the place to demonstrate how well-versed you are in vague literary terms. Make your point with as few words as possible by utilizing straightforward language everybody can comprehend.


When drafting emails with the client in mind, research suggests aiming for a reading level equivalent to the third grade. The straightforward, uncomplicated, and conversational language is preferred over stuffy academic jargon.


How to See How Many Words Are in an Email in Gmail:

You may quickly count the number of words and characters in the body of an email by forwarding a previously received email when you are composing a new email message or replying to an existing email.


  1. Please click Review > Word Count in the editing message window.


  1. Then, a Word Count dialog pops up. You can see the number of words and characters in this dialog. Then click the Close button to close it.


Count words and characters

  1. Entering your editing message window, click messagemessage> Spelling > Word Count.


  1. You can view extensive information regarding the words, characters, and other elements within the Word Count dialog.



  1. The method described above determines the overall number of words and characters within the email message.


  1. If you want to count the number of words and characters in a selection, please make a selection and then use the feature just described.


  1. Uncheck the box labeled ” Include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes. If you do not want the count, consider the footnotes, endnotes, and textboxes when doing the count.