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How to Add & Import Contacts to a Mailchimp Audience

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing automation tools. By importing your Google contacts into Mailchimp, you can add more people to your list of people who want to follow you. Here are the steps to add and import contacts to a Mailchimp Audience.


Step 1: Who they are

First, in your Mailchimp account, go to the ” Audience tab.” Use your drop-down option, which is located next to the words “Current Audience,” to select the audience you wish to work with.


Step 2: Control who sees it

Choose “Manage Audience” and “Import Contacts” from the drop-down menu.


Step 3: Service that works together

Now, choose “Integrated service” from the drop-down menu, then choose “Google Contacts” and click “Next.”


Step 4: Permit to connect.

Now, choose the option to Authorize Connection and sign in to your Google Account.


Step 5: Let people in

After logging in to the Google account, click “Grant access” or “Allow” to allow synchronization, and then go back to your Mailchimp account. Now, find the fields you want to import to Mailchimp, check the boxes next to these fields, and click Next.


Step 6: Match Mailchimp Audience fields

If you chose more than one field, ensure that these fields are the same in the Mailchimp Audience section and click Next.


Step 7: Import

After reading over the details, click on import to confirm the import. If you do these seven easy steps, you should be able to sync your Google Drive contacts with your Mailchimp audiences. Using this function to synchronize two or more tools on your computer can help you make better systems for your business and save you the trouble of dealing with separate, independent systems. We made an app just for you so that you can keep the productivity benefits of systems that work together and are in sync. Love makes it easy to keep track of all your phone contacts and more.