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7 features you need to know about Outlook

Outlook is an incredibly powerful tool for managing your emails, appointments, tasks, and contacts. There are many hidden features that can help you be more productive and organized. Here are seven features that you absolutely need to know about Outlook:

  1. Focused Inbox: This feature allows you to segment your inbox into different sections, such as important emails, follow-up emails, and unread emails.
  2. Mail rules: You can create rules to automatically sort your emails based on specific criteria, such as sender or subject.
  3. Quick reply options: You can save common responses to quickly reply to frequent emails.
  4. Automatic scheduling: This feature allows you to schedule your emails in advance to be sent at a specific time.
  5. Tasks: You can create tasks and associate them with emails to remind yourself to work on them later.
  6. Meetings: You can schedule meetings using Outlook and send invitations to your participants.
  7. Contact folders: You can organize your contacts using folders for better management.

By using these features in Outlook, you can improve your productivity and efficiency in managing your emails, appointments, tasks, and contacts in a more organized way.