Temp mail

Why use our temporary email service

Covid 19 didn’t have a terrifying impact only in the physical world, even online in fact the effect of the pandemic seems to have brought many problems. With the entry into the digital world of government agencies, multinationals and companies of all kinds, the number of online users affected by financial cyber crime and digital scams have reached a number never seen before. Only in 2020 the number of scams on the network arrived at an incredible number of 100 thousand cases, which concerned especially the health sector with particular focus on the market of masks and disinfectants. The number of threats such as viruses and malware has doubled its online presence: from 239 in 2020 it has moved to a total of 507 threats, more and more designed to infiltrate the systems of companies that propose themselves in smart working, haven’t taken into account the safety factor considered now so important. 25 were the millions of euros that online criminal organizations were able to collect on the internet in 2021 through fraud, phishing and data theft. Can the use of a mail temp prevent this? Being private users or companies, the use of a temporary email, combined with other prevention tools such as antimalware and VPNs, can be a great shield to defend against the continuous attacks that the network, now an essential resource, puts before us. 

A resource in the service of user’s privacy

Online scammers, for their misdeeds, exploit the lack of use of precautionary tools by internet users to infiltrate the devices connected to the network. Detailed cloned sites, fictitious emails apparently linked to important institutions, forms for registration to a non-existent service, are just some of the techniques through which users are deprived of important personal information. In most cases everything is based on the email address: it is precisely on our mailboxes that we receive, share and forward most of the information circulating on the web. As early as this, it can be easily understood how the use of a disposable email is in itself a strong barrier built around online privacy. You no longer have to be afraid of seeing information, sensitive data and passwords stolen simply because the temp mailboxes do not contain this type of datas and, moreover, are completely anonymous. Even if a fraud attempt occurs, the hacker or whoever on his behalf, will never be able to trace the true identity of the service’s owner and will find himself in front of an inbox devoid of any reference or information to be used for malicious purposes. Even phishing will no longer be a problem: also being aware of the email address, in this case temporary, and trying to deceive the user with a fake email, the receiving box may already have been permanently deleted before allowing them to go to the action. It’s all about common sense, on the correct and appropriate use of the net. To make sure you don’t get in trouble, in case you want to turn to services or sites of which you do not have full confidence, always better use a temp mail provided by a competent service instead of providing the opportunity to access the infinite well of information that resides in your inbox electronics.