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How to send email with attachment from iPhone

The mobile devices we carry in our pockets every day have become an essential resource to respond quickly and efficiently to our every need. In particular if it is about emails, the apps made available by the various systems point more and more to this request for user convenience allowing not only to send content in the form of text but also all those photo files, videos and GIFs that are now inevitable in all our devices. It is also true, however, that maybe those who are just starting out may encounter some difficulties, especially if you are not used to using iOS, the operating system included in every iPhone. Also because the email app proposed by the US company, better known as Mail, offers so many features and options that at first glance it can be difficult to find your way around. But don’t worry, this guide has been designed especially for the occasion, to provide even beginners the easiest solution to send attachments via email. 

Configure your own email address

If you are in the condition you just got hold of your new Apple device, an initial setup will be required before you can start using the email service in the Mail app. During the process of the iPhone’s initialization it is always required to create an iCloud address that includes a free 5GB box and the ability to manage messages with attachments up to 20MB. If you want to use the new address, found in the Settings section under the name, you can immediately start receiving and sending emails while if you want to configure another email provider such as Gmail or Free you will have to:

  1. Access the Settings and go to the Mail section by scrolling down the menu;
  2. Once you select the Contacts item and after pressing Add an account, the iPhone will give you the option to select the email manager between iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo! , Aol, or Other, if not present;
  3. By clicking on the preferred provider you will be asked for the login credentials and, if necessary, the synchronization with the old contacts and messages received;
  4. Here, now you can safely access your inbox whatever the account chosen as default, with the ability to manage even more than one.

Add attachments to the email

One of the greatest conveniences related to mail is provided by the ability to send documents, photos and files of all kinds within the message thus facilitating a lot of communication without the need to move even a step. There is no default attachment button in the Mail app, but you can still send files very easily. Simply open the item you want to send, for example in Photos or Files, and press the share icon at the bottom of the screen selecting Mail as channel to send. At this point it will open the classic compose screen of the message where the attachment will already be present and you will then only add the recipient and any additional text. Everything is ready for sending the email with an attachment!