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How to Import Email Contacts to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a very useful tool for managing email marketing campaigns and sending newsletters. To fully take advantage of its potential, it is important to have a well-crafted and updated contact list. In this article, we will see how to import email contacts to Mailchimp easily and quickly.

Step 1: Log in to your Mailchimp account The first step to import email contacts to Mailchimp is to log in to your account. Once you have logged in, select the list to which you want to add contacts.

Step 2: Select the “Add Contacts” option In the screen displaying your list of contacts, select the “Add Contacts” option located in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3: Select the import method Mailchimp offers different options for importing your contacts. You can choose to import a CSV or TXT file, a copy-and-paste list, or a list imported from an integration. Select the import method you prefer.

Step 4: Upload the file or enter the data If you have chosen to import a CSV or TXT file, upload the file from your folder. If you have chosen to copy and paste the data, paste the data in the appropriate box. If you have chosen an integration, follow the instructions of the selected integration.

Step 5: Map the fields Once the data is uploaded, Mailchimp will ask you to map the fields. This means that you need to associate the fields of your contact list (such as name, surname, email address) with the corresponding Mailchimp fields. If you are not sure how to map the fields, Mailchimp offers suggestions to help you make the best choice.

Step 6: Confirm and import Once you have mapped the fields, confirm your choices and click “Import” to add your contacts to the selected list. Mailchimp will show you a confirmation screen and send you a notification email when the import is complete.

In conclusion, importing email contacts to Mailchimp is a simple and quick process. With these simple steps, you can easily add your contacts to the recipient list of your email marketing campaigns. Always remember to keep your contact list up-to-date to achieve the best results from your campaigns.