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How to configure Outlook with Gmail

Since Outlook launched the new update for Microsoft 365 it has now become a breeze to add your Gmail account even on the email service designed by Microsoft. This time the procedure is really intuitive for both Windows and Apple customers and is useful both in case you are adding for the first time a Gmail account to Outlook and in case you want to insert a secondary account always provided by the Google service. 

Procedure for Windows

Opening the mail service offered by Outlook you will have to click on the File item that appears in the upper right part of the page and then select the option Add account recognizable from the + that precedes the wording. This will open a new window where you can digital your email address and then click Connect to initialize the addition. Immediately after entering the email, it will open an additional window, the classic used for access to Gmail, in which this time the password is requested before you can finally click on Login and complete the procedure. A message notifying you of new access may require an additional confirmation code sent by email or message if you have previously enabled two-factor authentication on your account. If enabled you will have to enter the secret key and then accept all the permissions by pressing on Allow until you arrive again on the Outlook page where you can add another account in addition to the one already set or finally finish the whole thing by clicking on the Done button at the bottom of the page. 

Procedure for Mac

Even for Apple users the procedure is rather simple and intuitive. You will always have to go inside Outlook but this time in the preferences section and then in the Accounts area. By clicking on the + that appears in the new page you can select New Account and then proceed in typing the Gmail email address that you want to add. Once you have entered everything and after clicking on Continue, within the same Outlook you will be prompted to also enter the account password that directs the user immediately to the browser where you will have to choose the preferred account to log in. Once you’ve re-entered your password, it’s time to accept Google permissions by always pressing Allow, obviously selecting the services to connect and sync to your liking. Arriving at this step, a notification will appear on the screen with the words Open Microsoft Outlook that if clicked will bring the user directly inside the app where you can complete the procedure  adding a second account or clicking on Done at the bottom of the page.