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How to use Gmail for G Suite

When you think about the most important email providers, Gmail is one of the first names that appears in our minds. The email service offered by Google has in fact established itself over the years as the most used on a global scale (1.5 billion users), surpassing even the older Yahoo and Hotmail. In addition to providing an impeccable and extremely secure service, Gmail has also extended its functionality in the last period thanks to the market launch of Google Workspace. The new project proposed by Big G aims to provide a package of tools and services (G Suite) such as Gmail, Drive or Calendar but this time designed to fit the business landscape. Compared to the classic accounts that we usually use in our case for the email provider, a Google Workspace account type offers many more features designed to adapt to every kind of business and to beat the competition of Microsoft 365.  

Gmail’s features for the company

With a price starting at $6 per month, Google Workspace offers its users a set of benefits including:

  • Enterprise email domain that allows you to create a custom domain for all team members. In addition to making yourself recognizable as a brand and building trust in customers, a custom address is also useful to create mailing lists and aliases to use in various departments and for various purposes of the company.
  • Organized team management with secure control over account access. You can choose who to add or remove from your organization, even on your mobile device, preventing security risks and unauthorized access.
  • Collaboration even at a distance thanks to the possibility of delegating access to the Gmail account to another person who can read, send and delete messages in their place. The function is called delegated and to it must also be added the possibility of programming the automatic sending of mail to better manage the time zones of colleagues in other areas of the world.
  • integration with Meet that offers the option to stay in your inbox while you scroll through emails, chat or face-to-face chat on video call. You will be able to talk to a collaborator directly from the mailbox that will be notified by email for new chats or video conferences.
  • More storage space that can be purchased for more control even on Google Drive. Basic plan offers 30GB also if the maximum available is up to 1 terabyte (99$/month).  
  • 24 hours a day, 7/7 customer service.
  • Greater control over permissions granted and advanced security levels, designed to protect also accounts of very important and big companies.