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The 3 best Temporary Email services you should definitely use

The undeniable advantages that are linked to the use of a temporary email have led over the years to the formation of sites and online platforms specialized in offering this particular type of mailboxes. We have defined them as temporary because their duration is often linked to a predetermined time before the start of the destruction process, which can last from a few minutes to a few days. We can define it as a disposable service, which in this case does not affect sustainability but is aimed only at protecting the privacy of users that over the years seems to be increasingly at risk, especially on the net. We can consider the temporary email as a replacement address, moved to safeguard the security of the data of internet users who are constantly tested in the arduous challenge of recognizing a reliable service from one instead for the sole purpose of scam. In this article we will illustrate some of the most used email services currently online, going to analyze the respective features that they offer users.

SYR.US mail temp

As a first option, I could not miss the service of disposable mail that our company, always focused on cyber security, is able to offer in a simple and intuitive way to the customer. On the main page, the first entry will automatically generate the fictitious email address that you will not be able to change, unless you decide to generate a different one always created automatically by the system. The interface is quite intuitive and provides several buttons to refresh incoming emails, copy the address useful to be inserted for the registration to a possible site of a third party and finally the possibility to definitively eliminate the address once reached the objective for which it was created. We also remind you that the service is totally free and does not include restrictions on use and registration.


As you can easily guess from the name, 20minutemail offers this service of disposable mail automatically setting a time limit of 20 minutes before proceeding to self-destruct the mailbox. In the main screen you will find a temporary email ready to use: to use it you will simply have to click on the Create mail button and from this moment you will have the service for another 20 minutes, before the email will self-exify. Also in this case the service is completely free and also offers a specific possibility of forward through which you could forward the emails from the fake address to the main one, to store them.  

Burner Mail

This time we talk about a real web app, a browser extension that allows you to provide a temporary email address in real time whenever you are asked to register on a site. Unlike the service just analyzed, Burner Mail allows you to use fake emails again, even at a distance of time, because they do not have a fixed deadline after which they auto-delete. The free plan offers 5 different temp mails enclosed in a single mailbox able to keep messages in the history for a time limit of a week. The premium plan instead, at a cost of $ 2.99 per month, allows you to create an infinite number of customizable temporary mails, own several email domains and even answer to any messages received.