Temp mail

Can I use a temp mail to sign up for Facebook?

Being by nature a volatile and limited time type of service, temp mail is an excellent solution to subscribe to forums, blogs and newsletters of which occasional use is made and which you are not sure you can count in terms of safety and reliability. The whole series of messages, spam emails and newsletters seem to be the exact content to avoid when you choose to enter a disposable email address instead of the main. Keeping this in mind, the choice to use a temporary email does not seem to be the best solution to access the various social networks of which we often want to receive notifications. Not counting the fact that Facebook implements every-day new bans and behavior not recommended, which often cause the elimination of accounts and pages, to which you have dedicated time and work. This is the case of the register with temp mail: not being able to trace the identity of the owner, the Facebook bot will either not allow in advance the creation of a new profile or will block directly the blacklist of all users associated with disposable mails.

An alternative solution: cell number

If you need to sign up for Facebook but you don’t want to enter your main email address, because it is already used or simply to not receive continuous updates, a solution could be to access it through your mobile number. As long as it is not already associated with an existing account, the social of the now Meta group allows you to use a phone number both on mobile devices and on desktop. Once you click on Create a new Facebook account and after entering a whole series of personal data including Name and Surname, age and gender, will appear on the screen  the form where you can enter the phone number to be associated with the new account. On the next page, the one that requires the insertion instead of a personal email, you will have to select the item Skip. In this way Facebook will never be able to trace the email of the owner of the profile and will have the phone number as the only reference point, with the possibility of connecting the contacts to the app to find friends who already use the social media owned by Mark Zuckerberg.