How Apple Email Works
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How Apple Email Works

For every customer who turns to Apple branded products, the US company offers an internal email service, better known as Mail. An app provided internally by the system that allows configuration with different digital providers and at the same time requires the creation of an iCloud email address. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can still count on the reliability provided by Mail, a service that allows you to manage your mail messages in comfort, meeting all kinds of requests for convenience that users need. For this reason today we will see together how to create an iCloud address for Mail and start to exploit all the potential that the application is able to offer. This process varies according to the device you are using, but there is no need to despair because reading the following lines everything can be solved with extreme happiness.

Create a Mail address on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Let’s start with what Apple-branded mobile devices, which despite the competition, are still the favorite products by much of the audience. In order to achieve our goal you will have to:

  • open the Settings section, go to [your name] and click on the iCloud option;
  • It’s time to activate iCloud Mail (or Mail) and then follow all the instructions that are proposed on screen until the finalization of the operation.

In case you don’t see any instructions after activating the service on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you may have done this before, so you don’t need to do it again.

Create a Mail address on Mac

Even in the world of computers, the Mac over the years has been able to win the hearts of several buyers, ensuring high performance and a lower risk with regard to cyber attacks. But let’s not focus on this and rather let’s see how to activate the iCloud account for Mail on your computer with the bitten apple symbol:

  • initially you need to go to the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences, then on Apple ID and to conclude on iCloud.
  • At this point we select Mail and then continue always following all the instructions to create your iCloud address for the Mail app. 

The same goes for devices to be used on the go, this time too it is possible that a system error will occur in case a primary iCloud email address is already present. 


After you have successfully configured a personal email address, you can use it in addition to your Apple ID to access and all connected devices.