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How to increase the space of an Aruba inbox

If we calculate that nowadays we use our email address for any type of operation that we carry out online, it is easy to understand how common the overload of a mailbox is. Newsletters, subscriptions, submission to the most varied services, can be excellent solutions to keep up to date but also contribute to clogging the mailbox of all those often unwanted and very annoying mails. Often we forget to disable a service that over the months instead continues to fill the mail provider with spam warnings that only slow down the sending and receiving of those emails that really are important for your needs. In particular if we refer to business emails, or in any case to mail addresses used for business purposes, Inbox malfunction can lead to the loss of important alerts and a number of consequences that can cause significant business losses. If we take as an example the case of Aruba, one of the mail services most used by companies, we immediately realize how important it is that every aspect runs smoothly so that you can always offer a professional service, that contributes to the overall image of the brand, able to respond quickly to customer requests and complaints as well as to establish a fast connection with any suppliers and partners. So let’s see how we can always achieve high performance in terms of email taking into account the solutions that Aruba himself proposes.

Get a high-performing mailbox 

In order to be able to solve all the problems related to the space available in your mailbox with Aruba domain you can follow two paths, which if we want can also be complementary:

  1. free space in the box going to delete all those useless messages and related to obsolete services that affect the normal activity of sending and receiving emails. Each folder in fact, except the Trash, contributes to occupy a share of space and from this arises the need for a routine cleaning action of the various sections. You can delete individual messages by right-clicking on them and then selecting the delete option, or entire folders by right-clicking to select them and then completing the operation by choosing Empty Folder. Deleted mails or folders can no longer be recovered so in case it is advisable to first save the messages locally because otherwise they can no longer be available;
  2. purchase the GigaMail service offered by Aruba that allows you to create as many as 10 separate GigaMail boxes with a space of 5GB each, with a maximum expansion of 50GB per box. Once the service is activated, at a cost of 5€+vat per year, you can choose which boxes to expand and the amount of GB to associate with each, based on the amount of GigaMail purchased previously, through the webmail panel that can be accessed by the postmaster user. With this solution the space in the box will hardly be completely occupied and each operation will proceed smoothly from now on.