E-mail marketing

Sendinblue: what it is for and how it works

The preferred method for companies to acquire new customers and retain those already in contact with the brand is email marketing. Real advertising campaigns designed to acquire new audiences or rekindle the interest of old customers thanks to promotions, special offers and launches of new products through one of the most widely used marketing channels worldwide. This operation, especially if you have a large number of users to engage, can be quite difficult if you do not know how to handle with care the tools of relational marketing that the web offers. One above all is SendinBlue, an email marketing tool that allows you to create, program and manage this type of advertising campaigns in a simple and fast way, thanks to an intuitive graphical interface and to the use of visual editors. In addition to being completely in Italian and compliant with the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ), this tool offers several plans, from free to business, providing different functions and tools according to the business needs of each owner. 

Plans offered by SendinBlue

1) Free: at no cost, the basic plan allows you to send up to 300 daily emails ( 9000 monthly by sendinblue) and create an infinite number of leads. It also provides an editor for newsletters, pre-compiled templates for messages and the ability to customize emails as well as SMS. To these specifications must be added real-time statistics, tracking of the pages visited by users and impeccable assistance in addition to APIs and a whole list of plug-ins.

2) Lite: a customizable plan starting from 19€ per month offers the sending of a maximum of 20,000 monthly emails, this time without a daily threshold to be respected. In addition to the functionality of the free plan, it offers several paid options that include the removal of the sendinblue logo from messages and the possibility of carrying out A/B test.

3) Premium: in this case too, we are talking about an editable plan that starts from 49€ per month and reaches up to 499€ that allows you to send up to one million advertising emails. In addition to the previously seen services, it includes Marketing Automation tools, Facebook Ads, Landing page, multi-user access and advanced reports with geolocation.

4) Business: this time the price varies according to the size and the will of each brand, a package designed to fit the needs of each seller. It guarantees a custom email volume, priority sending, over 20 landing pages, over 10 users, SSO , Account manager, priority support and much more.