E-mail marketing

What is the lead nurturing example

Lead generation is significant. Without it, you don’t have a business. But 80% of new leads never turn into sales. An impressive number of leads that companies spend time and money generating without turning a profit. To turn that 80% into something delicious, your business needs to develop a solid lead nurturing strategy and dedicate time and energy to perfecting that strategy. Follow these lead nurturing examples to generate real growth and give your leads a remarkable customer experience.


Enrich your data to provide a personalized experience 

Each touchpoint is another opportunity to learn more about your potential customers and create a more personalized experience. Additionally, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers a personalized experience. 


Unfortunately, marketing personalization often comes down to simply adding a name to email subject lines, and that’s not enough in the age of hyper-personalization. With a marketing automation solution like Otto, you have many opportunities to use demographic events, interactions, CRM, and user behavior to take your personalization to the next level.


Get creative with content types.

People understand information differently. Some people prefer long white papers or e-books; Others learn best from videos and webinars, while others prefer infographics and easier-to-read content. 


Lead nurturing email campaigns can be easily defaulted to consisting almost entirely of offers, discounts, and blog posts. However, capturing the full attention of your audience is something to consider in many types of content. Experiment with white papers, videos, infographics, and self-contained webinars to expand the audience that will engage with your content.


Omnichannel Experience Design

Email is, without a doubt, a crucial component of the lead nurturing process. That’s not all, though. People need to experience a brand 5-7 times before they remember it; thus, seeing a brand in several online settings can eventually help cut through the clutter.


Your plan for lead nurturing will benefit significantly from an omnichannel approach. Use pop-up messages or offers when website visitors arrive, retarget your leads on social media or search, or go old school and send postcards or stickers.


Salute your fresh leadership

You must formally introduce (or reacquaint) any new leads who join your nurture journey with your community. After people sign up, they typically receive an email with this in it.


If you work for a B2B organization, such as a CMO, it’s best practice to have this communication come from them, or if you’re the only director of your small business, from yourself. If you’re in the B2C or comm space, inject some personality into your writing to give your brand some life. Your lead nurturing example welcome email should be used to engage a new lead instantly, set expectations for what will follow, and give you a chance to get to know one another.