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The best alternative to Mailchimp in 2022

Although Mailchimp has long established itself as a reference platform for email marketing, there is no shortage of alternatives online. Especially for those who have a rather small budget, there are many services that offer the same functionality of the leading platform but at a much lower price. Alternative services that now play a key role given that since February 2022 the subscription costs of Mailchimp have increased dramatically, reaching even a +11%. A few dozen euros that often and willingly in the long term make the difference maybe for small businesses that are still testing the market and do not have the funds required by Mailchimp. It is precisely this motivation that led us to the creation of this article, in which we will analyze what are the direct competitors in the field of email marketing. Make yourself comfortable then, since the options available to save money are quite numerous.

1) Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the first among the proposed alternatives and immediately proves to be much cheaper, as well as easy to use. We are talking about a software designed for email marketing that over the years has shifted its focus also touching the field of digital marketing and providing different sales tools. In fact, in addition to having all the necessary email marketing tools, you will also have a series of tools for CRM, for SMS advertising, for chat support, for Facebook ads and more generally for everything related to advertising on the network. The final price, compared to Mailchimp, is based on the number of mails sent and not on the number of contacts available, which makes it an extremely economical alternative (25$ for 20,000 emails).

2) Moosend

Moosend offers itself as an optimal solution for both email advertising and marketing automation. Compared to other alternatives it may be a bit lacking in some native integrations and multi-channel marketing features, but it still proves to be very efficient. It has all the tools you need to create and send successful email campaigns. All this being able to count on a greater economy of the service, offered also in free way in spite of the numerous functionalities. Although aimed at small businesses, it is still a great choice overall (48$/month).

3) ConvertKit

As we can read on the official website, ConvertiKit is proposed to the public as the email marketing platform for digital creators. This includes bloggers, artists, musicians, Youtuber-virtually anyone running a creative business and profiting from it on the net. This is because the email marketing tool proposed by the platform focuses a lot on what are the habits and preferences of the audience. It allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns by dividing users into different categories and not charging twice the costs for the same subscriber in different lists.At the same time you can also create multiple registration forms for different opt-in incentives and content. This makes it easy to grow your list of subscribers by focusing on constantly updated content. The subscription plan costs $79, but it also has a free version that is also complete and performing.