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How to create labels on Gmail

Gmail offers users the ability to create custom labels for different mail messages in order to keep their mailbox tidy and conveniently accessible. It should be made clear that labels have a completely different purpose from folders. We can see them as small notes linked to a certain message received or sent that facilitate the search, filtering and organization of Gmail, especially if the amount of messages exchanged is quite high. It is possible to add several of them for each email in order to create as a kind of categories and subcategories in which to subdivide the purposes or utility of the content sent by mail. 

Create a label on your computer

To get started, on your computer you need to open Gmail either via app or using your browser. On the left side of the page, in the menu that appears, you will have to search for the item More by scrolling down. The lower menu item Create new label is the key that interests us the most and that must be clicked to create and to give a name to the label. Once the above operations are complete, clicking on Create the process can be defined as finished.

Add a label on your Android device

Even from mobile you can add labels to a given message in three different modes, which vary depending on the purpose:

  • add a label to a message you’re reading: using an Android phone or tablet you will have to open the Gmail app and also the message you want to label. By tapping the More button on the top right, you will have to choose Change Labels and then decide whether to add a new one or remove one already set. Pressing OK will automatically save.
  • add a label to multiple messages at the same time: in this case you will need to select the relevant emails, holding down the message and selecting the others to be tagged. You will then proceed as before by tapping More>Change Labels > Add or Remove Labels > OK.
  • Assign to a message a new label: if you want to move a message assigning it to an existing label you must always go to the More section but this time click on Move to. Now you can decide which label to move the message to.

Create new labels on iPhone or iPad

After making sure you have downloaded from the Apple Store the latest version of Gmail, you will have to open the provider on your Apple home device. By tapping on the menu that shows the three vertical bars, in the Labels section, you can select Create New. Once you type the name, and possibly set the category, you can tap on Finish to see your inbox more organized than ever. If you want to change or delete an existing label, tap the Settings button, then choose the account you want to use before pressing Settings Labels. Depending on the starting purpose, you can select the label and decide whether to rename it, using Name > Create new name, or delete it by pressing Delete.