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How to check if an email address exists and is valid

When you want to send an email, it can often happen that an error message appears on the screen that makes the operation null and therefore does not allow the forwarding of the message. This may be due to several factors including the most common is the inability to send the message because the address you entered may no longer be active or invalid. Email providers do not directly highlight this possibility and for this reason a series of online tools remain useful that in a short time and effectively verify the existence and validate that the address in question is really reachable. Of the tools that we can evaluate, even more useful if you consider the fact that many of them also offer the possibility of checking several mails simultaneously and massively, an extremely useful resource for business marketing and then to check the validity of the addresses to which you send advertising campaigns or newsletters. But just get lost in chatter and rather we immediately look at the different solutions that the network provides us. 


In the official website of MIO-IP, famous for the verification of the IP address of the connection, we can also find an additional tool that simply entering the address concerned verifies in a few moments the actual existence from the email. In the Tools section it will be enough to go to the Email Verification service and copy the recipient’s address in the “Email to check” field and then click on Verification will be two possible results: If the email is active will appear the words “Email exists and is working””The email does not exist” will appear. 


An alternative very similar to the previous case is offered this time by, considered by many to be one of the best online options. The operation is similar to that seen a few lines ago: also in this case it will be necessary to copy the recipient’s email address in the field “Write email address to verify” and clicking on Email Verification this time not only will you get an immediate response but you can also check in person the server response to the request, so as to be sure that the result provided is exactly correct. 

3) Check

The same applies to the verification service offered by which, as in the previous cases, provides for the insertion of the email in the appropriate field but a slightly longer verification time. This is because the site performs a much more accurate scan, as will the results, able to display the responses obtained by the server, the type of authentication and the protocol used for the exchange of emails.