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How to send email to multiple recipients with different attachments

Why would you use mail merge with each attachment?

When you need to send multiple emails to customers or business partners with the exact text, you need the mail merge tool. If you know how to use mail merge in Outlook to send a lot of emails at once, it will be easy to solve these problems:


  • First, business mail etiquette and business goals call for a personal appeal to each person receiving the mail. For the same reason, it’s also best that each email has its address.
  • In addition to the address field, the email body can sometimes have other small but essential details, such as greetings, special prices, and personalized offers. Not all tools for mass mailing that can do these basic tasks also give you more options. Like making the subject line of an email more personal or sending different documents to different addresses.


In the meantime, a big part of business mail emails with documents attached. In business mailings, it is often necessary to send extra documents like price lists, booklets, and pictures. In this case, you need to add files as attachments to the mail merging process. It’s essential that you can add required files to mail merged messages in Outlook. Each person gets a unique offer and knows you care about them. But what if each email’s attachments are different? Then, during mail merging, it’s not enough to attach documents; they also need to be personalized.


How to do a mail merge with separate attachments

The Mail Merge with Attachments tool in ReliefJet Essentials gives you many options to change how your mailings look to each person. Let’s look at how to send even more personal emails by attaching different files to our messages.


First, we put the names of the files to attach in the correct columns of our data source table. Attachment 1 and Attachment 2 will be good names for the columns.

To do the mail merge, save the source file and close it. You can start the tool from the Outlook Ribbon or as a separate app. After you’ve set up the General tab according to the configuration instructions for the utility, you can set up the attachment mail merging on the Attachments tab.


You can add the files to your email in three ways:

  • Attach the files to the letter template if you want to attach the duplicate files to all emails.
  • Or, you can choose to attach files from a folder.
  • Fill out the Attach files from the table field if you need to send the custom documents to each address.


In the second case, enter the path to the folder where you saved the files for mail merge. Note that “must be at the end of the path. After that, pick the column name that has the files you need. If you have more than one file to send, use semicolons to separate them. In the cells of your data-source table, you can put the full path to the attached files. You will need this option if some of the messages only need to have a few files attached. Leave the cells empty for addresses with no attachments in the columns. When setting up the utility, list the column names in the Attach files from the table field to do the merge.