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How to Create a Mailing List with Variables

Usually, a mailing list comprises the email addresses of people who have signed up for a website, service, or company, and emails are collected offline or by hand. Most of the time, it is not much more than a list of names and email addresses. Most of the time, mailing lists let subscribers know about any material, news, or information about a product or service.


Other users can use a mailing list address to send emails to all of the list’s subscribers, and the admin can use it to send messages to the list’s subscribers. Spammers and others who send out emails often keep mailing lists so they can quickly contact many people at once.


You can develop and maintain an up-to-date client base with the help of mailing lists. You can segment and personalize your marketing efforts by adding the subscriber’s personal information and other facts, such as their city or order number, to your mailing list databases. This post will discuss the various methods to import your contacts and establish a mailing list for your business.


Make an email list

Go to the “Email” section and click on the “Mailing Lists” tab. Then click on “Create a mailing list.”


After giving your mailing list a name, click the “Create” button.


Import Contacts

You can import your contacts from a file with variables, type in their email addresses by hand, import them from your website, or add them one at a time.


From a Record

After you choose “Upload File” and choose the file you want to upload, click the “Upload” button. Check the “Verify uploaded addresses” box to ensure your email addresses are correct.


Once you’ve done that, define your variables for each column in the file by selecting “Disabled” from the drop-down menu above the column and choosing a variable from the list or making a new one.


Click “Add” to send the file of contacts.

If you have people on your mailing list with the same personal information, you can update their variable values by selecting “Update variable values for existing contacts.”



Go to the tab called “Copy & Paste.” Use the “Contact list” field to add your contacts. Enter each person on a separate line. You can add more personal information about a contact to their email address. A comma should separate each piece of information.


Tap Upload.

After that, add variables to your extra columns of data and click Add. You can also set up your variables using other import methods.


From Services Other Than

Go to the tab called “Import from…” Choose a service you want to import contacts from the “Service” drop-down menu. If you need to, give the API key for this service.


Click on Get mailing lists.

When the service shows you a list of mailing lists, you can choose the one you need. Add variables to your extra data columns and click the “Add” button.


One at a time

Go to the tab that says “Individual Entry.” Fill in the boxes, and then click “Add.” You can add a contact to your mailing list by entering their phone number or email address.


You can add variables when importing contacts from a file, by hand, or another service. When you import contacts one at a time, you can only add their name, email addresses, and phone number.